About Us



What is the Hudson Valley Current?

The Hudson Valley Current is a nonprofit in the Mid-Hudson Valley Area that helps match unmet needs with underutilized resources— a way for people in our community to exchange goods and services without US dollars.

What is Our Mission?

The Hudson Valley Current’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable society by supporting economic and social justice, the environment, community participation, and human aspirations. The Hudson Valley Current promotes economic strength and community self reliance, builds community pride, and provides benefits for local business and citizens— including public education.

To fulfill this mission, the Hudson Valley Current provides a variety of educational opportunities such as semi-monthly demonstrations aimed to help the public understand the importance of spending locally. These events bring the community together to learn about local economies through a range of forums including workshops, panels, and interactive discussion sessions.

“Mutual Credit”— Matching Unmet Needs with Underutilized Resources

The Hudson Valley Current endeavors to help its community match unmet needs with underutilized resources by facilitating a mutual credit network.

Participating in this network is fairly straightforward— You simply agree to accept an additional form of payment known as Hudson Valley Currents  in exchange for your goods and services. You spend the Currents you earn at other businesses who accept Currents.