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You can earn Currents by offering services or selling products/inventory.


Spend your Currents at one of hundreds of participating businesses.


100% of the income stays in the region, and is used to support more local businesses.

What is the Hudson Valley Current?

The Hudson Valley Current is a local currency and our nonprofit is dedicated to exchanging, sharing and teaching abundance within the Hudson Valley community in New York.

The Hudson Valley Current is a nonprofit organization committed to local economic development through three distinct and interdependent streams; the local currency, our kitchen and market, and our monthly publication.

  • The first stream is our local currency, the Current, which exchanges ‘trade dollars’ of abundance between member businesses and individuals within the Hudson Valley.
  • The second stream is Tilda’s Kitchen and Market, our brick and mortar in Midtown Kingston, serving community-inspired local cuisine while stocking a wide range of member generated local products in the market.
  • The third stream is our monthly publication, Midtown Lively, which teaches abundance by educating, empowering and uplifting our readership with the good news.
  • Decide what product or service you have to offer
  • Open your free account at hudsonvalleycurrent.org
  • Automatically receive an interest-free line of credit to start spending right away
  • Find jobs at our community labor surge bulletin board
  • Your business / service becomes viewable by all members Start spending
  • Currents with our free app or by logging into the website, or with our new paper currency.
  • We’ll send you a handy 1099-B form at the end of the year.
  • Accepting Currents will give you the opportunity to invest in your business without compromising your cash flow.
  • Converting your overstock and unused capacity into new customers and income, and gain access to our support team to help you get the most out of your Currents!
  • Among other things, we offer interest-free lines of credit with 0% interest and no fees to help you get started, one-on- one training, collaboration on challenges you run across, and we can even help broker deals to make large purchases possible.
  • Register for a paid membership to get more marketing opportunities through Livelihood Magazine.
  • You spend your Currents at one of hundreds of participating businesses.
  • Search or scroll the Marketplace to see what other members are offering.
  • Browse the member directory to find a specific service, and reach out directly.
  • Create an ad in our marketplace or ask us if you’re looking for something you can’t find!
  • 100% of the income stays in the region, and is used to support more local businesses, creating a richer community.

Shifts the Narrative

While we have all been raised in a culture that uses dollars as the primary tool of ex- change, many of us have not asked ourselves the question: “What is money?”. The Current strives to shift the narrative around our relationship with capital-in its many forms.


When you exchange Currents, you ensure that our money circulates in our community. Currents cannot be spent outside of the Hudson Valley, so our wealth remains in the hands of local businesses and individuals. This supports and uplifts our neighbors, while creating a resilient local economy.


We can confidently say that all of our Current members are incredibly courageous and innovative. In order to shift our perception of money and embrace the ancient con- cept of community currency, we need to be creative, bold trailblazers.

Saves Money

A small business can have a tight profit margin, which means credit card fees can be unaffordable. Unlike traditional payment systems, the Current has no interest fees or credit card fees. That’s right: 0% interest and zero credit card transaction fees!

Transacting Currents is Easy!

Use our web app

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Purchase with paper Currency

The Hudson Valley Current is a FREE Service. There is no cost to join.

The Many Benefits

  • The Hudson Valley Current is a free service!
  • Stay connected to the community economy.
  • Read and Advertise in Midtown Lively Magazine.
  • Share your services at our community lunches.
  • Learn about the Just Economy on our Facebook Live events.
  • Engage with other members at our Facebook members group.
  • Relish in community at our Tilda’s Kitchen & Market at 630 Broadway, Kingston.
  • Inspires local social entrepreneurs and local producers.
  • Retains and restores culture and tradition.
  • Advances ecological restoration.

What is Abundance?

And How Does the Current Help Create Abundance?

Our efforts are focused on empowering our local community members and showing them that there’s more than enough wealth, food and resources to go around.

The Hudson Valley is filled with local love, sharing and abundance. If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a beacon of abundance, sign up to receive information about opportunities to get involved—and hear about the good news in the Hudson Valley.

Exchanging Abundance

The Current

The Current is an alternative currency recognized by the IRS that can only be used within the Hudson Valley at member businesses. By using the Current, we ensure that our money stays local and is used to strengthen businesses in our community.

What happens when our money stays local? Our main streets, our local businesses and our neighbors keep more of the wealth, which strengthens our local community.

Sharing Abundance

Tilda's Kitchen and Market

Our cafe and kitchen gives you a taste of community-inspired global cuisine that is inclusive of all our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. It not only satisfies your hunger but your thirst for knowledge about the journey your food took to get to you. 

When we know where our food comes from and who prepares it for us, it allows us to have a relationship with our food and the journey it took to get to us. Our community grows, shares and loves on a united front—and takes action from a place of local pride.

Teaching Abundance

Midtown Lively

HVC’s monthly publication, Midtown Lively, is dedicated to sharing the good news about food, art and exchange in Kingston. We offer seasonally informed content, Current member profiles, recipes, a monthly calendar, hilarious classifieds, and more.

What happens when people regularly hear good news rather than gloomy news? They come from a place of abundance, peace and love. Midtown Lively is devoted to amplifying the frequency of abundance while enhancing our ability to realize and create valuable connections within the Hudson Valley community.


It’s JUST Money!

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The Hudson Valley Current is a FREE Service.
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