A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

A whole new stream of Currents

May 19, 2020

Hope you’re well and content.

I wanted to let you know about our latest innovation. Current employers are now paying employees in Currents, through a simple system that makes it quick and easy to set up as a recurring payment.

Individuals can choose to take part of their salary in Currents (if their employer is a Current member), making it easier than ever to shop the Tilda’s Kitchen & Market. By the way, 100% of that money goes to local producers and stays in the local economy.

The more Currents we circulate, the more dedicated local wealth we are generating and the more useful our Currents become. If you’re an employer, think about offering your employees this option; if you work in a local business, why not talk to management about some Currents in your pay? We can share some training materials if you’d like.

If you haven’t checked the Marketplace out lately, take a look. It just keeps expanding with useful, delicious local goods and services. Don’t forget, as a member, you can sell there too—another way to get your offerings in front of the public from the proper social distance.

It’s a great time to be proactive about abundance. As always, we’re enjoying our time working with the Current community, and we’re making great strides.