A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

Mission & Vision


Hudson Valley Current supports a new economic direction based on the principles of localism and multiple bottom-line thinking. We promote local community building through sustainable economic development and provide education around how our region’s local currency can drive abundance and increase opportunities for underserved communities.


Hudson Valley Current envisions a future where the people, businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies of the Hudson Valley are joined in common cause to strengthen our local economy and improve quality of life for all. We seek to create a thriving, stable economy based on an abundance mindset—that is, one where instead of hoarding resources, people understand that the more you share, the wealthier everyone becomes. We build this every day by:

  • Creating a simple means for businesses and individuals of like minds and values to connect and support each other. 
  • Interact in mutually beneficial ways.  
  • Redefining the financial limitations that cause us to tell ourselves we can’t go on vacation, remodel our office, or reward ourselves and our staff. 
  • Building an ecosystem of skill and awareness where we leverage each other’s strengths to maximum advantage. 
  • Encouraging businesses and individuals to contribute to nonprofits by giving them an alternative means of compensation and paying it forward.