Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

About our Projects

The Hudson Valley Current is an economic development organization that tries to spread an abundance mindset as opposed to a scarcity mentality. We achieve this in a variety of ways. 

We exchange abundance with each other through our local currency, the Current. We share abundance with each other through our Satisfy Hunger campaigns that feed our neighbors in need. And we learn about abundance from each other through our “good news” publication—Midtown Lively. 

In each of these projects we are guided by our mission of creating a community of care and support with all of our neighbors. 

Here’s a quick video on our programs here at the Hudson Valley Current: 

The Current

Exchanging Abundance

Over the last seven years that our local currency has been in circulation, almost 700,000 Currents have been exchanged. 

These Currents have a multiplier effect because they never leave the region, which helps to support a strong, regenerative, and thriving local economy that works for everyone. 

The Current has become one of the most successful local currencies in the US, thanks to our vibrant community and our region’s commitment to creating a strong local economy. 

Satisfy Hunger

Sharing Abundance

The goal of Satisfy Hunger is to address food insecurity in the Hudson Valley while growing local community networks. 

Our latest endeavor is Tilda’s Kitchen & Market, which features locally-derived groceries, honey, gift cards, face masks, services, pay-it-forward donations, and more—all for sale and/or purchase by our Current members, using Currents. Check out Tilda’s Kitchen & Market for all your local needs.

We offer delicious and nutritious locally sourced meals on a pay-it-forward or pay-what-you-can basis. With the Satisfy Hunger program , we have been able to serve our neighbors free of charge and are excited to continue to do so. 

Midtown Lively

Learning About Abundance

Midtown Lively celebrates the Hudson Valley’s abundance, beauty, and culture through articles, editorials, and columns written by local writers. This “good news” paper highlights the successes of our neighbors and informs readers of the work being done to build a more regenerative and equitable local economy. 

Midtown Lively is a voice for the Just Economy—focused on keeping money local, strengthening our Main Streets, promoting investment in the local economy, exploring what our area’s residents and communities share in common, and highlighting the abundance that’s all around us. Midtown Lively reaches 20,000 readers every month.