A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

Hudson Valley Current’s Rapid Resilience Plan

March 22, 2020

First, we hope you are doing well and staying optimistic.

Quick Reminder: The Current is a tool of exchange that is here for us that can get commerce flowing and keep the wealth local.

My staff and I are focused on keeping this community safe and stable, even during this recession.

The Current is opening a Tilda’s Kitchen & Market this week. People can order over 50 items—local goods made by Current members including groceries, hygienic products, household supplies, gift cards, and more—from our digital store form using Currents.

For a list of items and services available for purchase in Currents you can check it out here. Coming soon is an order form you can fill out online to purchase items directly.

We are also a paying tenant of the Ulster County Community Action commissary kitchen, and we’ve assembled a team of experienced chefs to bring that large kitchen to life if needed.

My team and I are currently working with Family of Woodstock, the City of Kingston, and Ulster County to ensure that our professional chefs and support staff are prepared to fill in any gaps in the amazing food distribution system that sprung into action last week.

If you’d like to list your product, service or provide gift cards feel free to send an email to hello@hudsonvalleycurrent.org

As always we are here to support and keep our community safe and stable.

Take Care,
Chris Hewitt
Executive Director, Hudson Valley Current