A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

Wingmakers LLC

Wingmakers is a Hudson-Valley based holistic financial education offering with options for 1-on-1 coaching as well as by-donation group courses. It was born from the desire to make financial wellness possible for […]

Jeanne Atkin

I am a licensed and board certified Chinese medicine practioner, practicing for 18 years in NYC. I have recently relocated to Kingston where I continue my practice and education in […]

Pulso De Barro

ABOUT PULSO DE BARRO Pulso de Barro’s mission is to create an inclusive and safe platform where it is possible to explore the music, dance, and native traditions of the […]

Amanda Moradel

Dedicated to organizing spaces in your home. Lets create an organized system that works for you. https://www.spacerescuerllc.com/

The O Zone

The O Zone is a low-waste, plastic-free bulk-refill center! We are home to a bulk-refill marketplace for household goods, personal care products, and a large assortment of pantry staples including […]

Mackie Food and Beverage LLC

Mackie’s Tasty Treats bakery makes single-serving-size, individually wrapped hand pies, tarts, cookies and buns. Our signature Hand Pies have a flaky crust made with 100% white whole wheat flour. The […]

Hudson Valley Immigration

http://www.hudsonvalleyimmigration.com Contact: Joseph Lavetsky at hudsonvalleyimmigration@gmail.com Immigration legal services since 2013. I am located in Beacon but services are generally virtual.

New Scotland Spirits

Accepts 100% Currents http://www.NewScotlandSpirits.com Contact: jesse@newscotlandspirits.com New Scotland Spirits distills “Helderberg Whiskies” from grains grown in our beloved hometown of New Scotland, NY.  Our single malt, rye, wheat, and bourbon whiskies […]

Sal DeRosalia

https://salderosalia.wordpress.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: salderosalia@gmail.com Outcome Media Group – Production company launching a video news show called The Kingston Wire, Reviewed!. – The show’s mission is to educate and […]

Ida Imports

https://www.idaimports.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: neslihanlord@gmail.com Mount Ida, LLC imports Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil directly from the farmer: our friend, Celal Volkan Pekcan. His family has been cultivating olive […]

Culture Shift Agency

https://www.cultureshiftagency.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: info@cultureshiftagency.com Culture Shift Agency is a creative agency shifting the conversation by hosting, teaching, and facilitating powerful, inclusive conversations. We provide consulting, coaching, and program development […]

Dr. Carol S.Kessler, PhD (OM), LAc, MS,LMT

http://drcarolskessler.com Accepts Currents Contact: drcarolskessler@gmail.com I am an Acupuncturist with a PhD in Oriental Medicine, I am also a Massage Therapist. I do many special techniques such as working with […]

Tributary Data, LLC

tributarydata@gmail.com Accepts Currents Contact: http://www.tributarydata.com Tributary Data is the behind-the-scenes data science consultant that helps your projects come together and get finished. Our focus is on environmental data, and supporting […]

Jessica Jameson Photo

Accepts Currents http://www.jessicajameson.com Contact: hello@jessicajameson.com Jessica Jameson Photo is the creator of fine-art inspired, emotive imagery that blends earthy backdrops with radiant, natural lighting. As a passionate visual artist, Jessica […]

Dan Goldman Photography

Accepting Currents http://www.dangoldmanphotography.com Contact: dan@dangoldmanphotography.com I’m a photographer that sells his art, photographs products, and portraits You can see my work at www.dangoldmanphotography.com.

Outdoor Promise

http://www.OutdoorPromise.org Contact: ronald@outdoorpromise.org Outdoor Promise is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on inspiring and supporting the next generation of outdoor leaders. Our programs are centered around equitable access for youth, families, […]

Robert Jameson

http://aio-tea.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: rob@kingstontrusthub.org I’m project lead of the Trust Hub, as well as a maker and artist that uses immersive light and sound experiences.

Dojo Dance Company

http://www.dojodancecompany.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: Maia@dojodancecompany.com Dojo Dance Company is located in Kingston and Rosendale. Our company offers Dance instruction for all ages, hosts social events and performances. Our main […]

Blanca Ortiz

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: blancadance@mac.com for up-to-date selection! Beautifully illustrated notebooks and journals at reasonable prices. Email for current selection.

New Ark Lighthouse

http://arklight.earth Accepts Currents Contact: ktowema@gmail.com We provide retreats related to culture, economics, and governance, we currently offer quarterly weekend events related to these three areas of focus. Accommodations available, overnight […]

Stu Summer, Education Consultant

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: stuart@taconic.net I am an education and homeschool consultant, as well as a vaccine and health activist. I taught in Waldorf schools for 30 years and founded […]

Richard Miller, Designer and Muralist

http://www.richmillerart.com Accepts Currents Contact: richmillerart@gmail.com I am a designer and Muralist with over 30 years experience. My services include Murals, Logo Design, Hand Panted and Vinyl lettering for store fronts […]

Stella Fay, Reiki Master

http://www.stellafay.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: stellafay@protonmail.com I am a reiki master. I teach Reiki and I give Reiki sessions. I also have a business doing decluttering called SHINE Holisitc Home […]

Victoria Alexander, Home-school Consultant

http://vnalexander.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: alexander@dactyl.org I have eight years experience home-schooling my son, who has now successfully applied to college for Engineering. Based on my experiences, I can help […]

Matthias Poynder-Meares

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: brightbeams@protonmail.com Counter-tenor singer available for private hire at events.Acting skills available too for any community theatre events or films.

Therese Bimka

http://www.theresebimka.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: theresebimka@gmail.com We are all on a continuum of forward movement towards our innate wholeness Therapy & counseling – when it works well – helps us to manifest […]

JSP Plumbing & Heating

http://www.jspplumbingandheating.com Accepts Currents Contact: jspplumb@gmail.com JSP Plumbing & Heating is a full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning service. John S. Parker, owner.

Department of Regional Art Workers

http://www.drawkingston.org Accepts Currents Contact: lara@drawkingston.org The Department Of Regional Art Workers Is A Growing Community Of Artists, Educators, Entrepreneurs And Students Who Believe In The Ability Of The Arts To […]


http://www.visitvortex.com Accepts Partial Currents for Advertising Contact: VISITvortex@gmail.com Be Drawn In…MAGAZINE. VIDEOS. WEBSITE.VISITvortex is your portal to the great people and places of the Hudson Valley.

Kingston Farmers Market

https://kingstonfarmersmarket.org/ Accepts 10% Currents for Vendor Fees, and 100% Currents for KFM Merch! Contact: info@kingstonfarmersmarket.org Kingston Farmers Market brings fresh and local food and agricultural products to Uptown Kingston year-round, […]

Eden Research

http://edenconsults.com Accepts Currents Contact: evemwalter@gmail.com Eden Research is a woman-owned research and evaluation company assisting in grant development, research and evaluation implementation, data cleaning and analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of […]

Gai Galitzine

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: gai.galitzine@gmail.com I can set up, write and email newsletters using a provided email list. Content can be supplied or I can write based on interviews or […]


http://mykingstonkids.com Accepts Currents Contact: fwaters@mykingstonkids.com MyKingstonKids, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Not-For-Profit organization that was created to assist parents in providing the children of Kingston, New York, and beyond […]

Forge Collective

https://forgeartcollective.org/ Accepts 100% Currents for ad placement in Intrinsic podcast; 40-100% for other services Contact: keikosono303@gmail.com Forge Collective is an open platform for building a society that aligns with the intrinsic […]

Hudson Valley Seed Co.

https://hudsonvalleyseed.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: mail@hudsonvalleyseed.com 845-204-8769 Here at the Hudson Valley Seed Company, we are both farmers and storytellers. We are committed to growing organically, sourcing locally and sustainably, and […]

Mel Barlow

http://www.melbarlow.com Accepts Currents Contact: mel@melbarlow.com I am a photographer, designer, artist, and maker of goods. Services include:photography- www.melbarlow.com and www.melbarlowandco.comweb design & branding- www.withmel.comphoto archive management, curationMaker space availableArt + […]


http://www.stuff4hire.com Accepts 100% Currents for Rentals within HVC Group jude@stuff4hire.com Stuff4Hire is a service that helps neighbors rent things to one another at a reasonable cost. We bring together people […]

Open Pathways to Health

http://www.openpathwaystohealth.com Accepts Currents Contact: maryjojohnson1@mac.com Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage TherapistDiplomate Traditional Oriental MedicineMasters of Divinity ​I have re-visioned my work in response to COVID-19. My office is open in a new […]

Moving Touch Therapy with Anne Bloom

https://www.facebook.com/MovingTouchTherapy Accepts 100% Currents Contact: movingtouchtherapy@gmail.com Personalized professional massage therapy integrating medical massage with deep tissue and eastern techniques.

Center 4 Creative Education

http://cce4me.org/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: admin@cce4me.org We envision every child having access to fun, innovative high quality programs that are affordable and accessible in a fun, safe space where young […]

The Field Group

https://fieldgroupny.com/ Accepts Currents Contact Jeff@fieldholding.com A different kind of accelerator. Unlike other consultancies or accelerators, The Field Group provides custom-tailored guidance based on your company’s specific needs and overall vision.We […]

Samadhi – Mindfulness-Based Recovery

https://samadhiny.org/ Accepts Currents Contact: filmcoman1@mac.com Samadhi is a recovery center for those suffering from substance use and related disorders and addictions. Our community based Outreach center opened in April 2019. […]


http://www.opositivefestival.org Accepts Currents Contact: info@opositivefestival.org O Positive is a festival that happens every October in Kingston where artists and musicians receive care in our artists’ clinic in exchange for their […]

Postmark Books

http://postmarkbooks.net Accepts 100% Currents Contact: jesse@postmarkbooks.net Postmark Books is a haven for readers, thinkers, and travelers. Featuring an enthusiastically selected treasure trove of today’s most interesting reads in a bright […]

Zach Kalatsky

https://www.etsy.com/people/zzachbk Accepts 100% Currents Contact: z.kalatsky@gmail.com I make essential oil nebulizing diffusers. Happy to take Currents.

Nourishing Wisdom Nutrition

http://www.nourishingwisdom.com Accepts Currents Contact: holly@nourishingwisdom.com Holly Shelowitz is a nutrition counselor and chef educator, offering nutrition counseling and cooking classes. The nutrition counseling sessions take place by phone/FaceTime and the […]

Mental Health America of Dutchess County

http://www.mhadutchess.org Accepts Currents Contact: jgarrity@mhadutchess.org Mental Health America Dutchess County is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness through education, programs, advocacy, and community supports. MHADC envisions a society […]

Design Development Associates, LLC

(website under construction – coming soon) Accepts 100% Currents Contact: dg@desdev.net Providing solid modeling CAD services to fabricators, inventors and designers who require CAD files to refine and test designs […]

Useful Objects

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: panken.nicolas@gmail.com Useful Objects is work from Nick Panken and Rakel Stammer, two artists living in Kingston. Currently including Screenprint and Risograph art prints, and recorded music on CD, […]

Wild Earth

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: info@wildearth.org Wild Earth creates unique nature immersion experiences that strengthen connections to self, each other and the Earth while building ecological, social and cultural resilience. Located […]

Ortner Graphics

http://ortnergraphics.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: eric@ortnergraphics.com Ortner Graphics is a full service design studio supporting New York City, The Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey. The studio’s proprietor, Eric Ortner has […]

CyclEffect Regenerative Ventures

http://www.cycleffect.earth Accepts Currents Contact: c.lindstrom@cycleffect.earth CyclEffect is a business coop that invests in mostly start up regenerative companies and non-profits. We are currently working on a biogas project in Hudson […]

Pam Kray – Black Slate Studios

http://pamkray.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: pamkray@gmail.com Black Slate Studio is a multi-media production, post-production and exhibition company. We specialize in live-event and art-based media exhibition, from pre-production and planning through show […]

Grainne and the Market at Grainne

http://www.grainnekingston.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: hello@grainnetavern.com A locally sourced kitchen and market bake shop named for the Irish pirate queen Gráinne Mhaol (Grace O’Malley).

Woodstock Dreams Media

http://www.woodstockdreams.com Accepts Currents Contact: martybstone@gmail.com Woodstock Dreams Media is a full service video and media located in Woodstock NY. We offer video taping and editing as well as video marketing […]

True Mirror Company

Accepts Currents Contact: jwalter@truemirror.com We make and sell the world’s only mirror that reflects without reversing left and right, where you can see yourself as you actually are. The seamless […]

Vegan Wines

Accepts Currents Contact: info@veganwines.com Despacito Distributors & Vegan Wines was founded by Frances Gonzalez in 2017 and focuses on providing high-quality vegan wines from the soil to the bottle. Vegan […]


http://www.ulstercorps.org Accepts Currents Contact: beth@ulstercorps.org UlsterCorps is a countywide resource dedicated to fostering a culture of volunteerism, collaborative work and community service. Our mission is to educate about volunteerism and […]

Turkey Pointe, LTD

http://Www.facebook.com/TurkeyPointLtd Accepts Currents Contact: Turkeypointltd@gmail.com Turkey Point Ltd. is a local, Hudson Valley design company. We do everything from graphic design to the curation of rare and vintage goods.

Tim Moore

Accepts Currents Contact: timsky3@gmail.com I do Business consulting; Music Coaching; Graphic Design; Copywriting

The Big Cheese

http://www.thebigcheeserosendale.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: thebigcheese404@gmail.com The Big Cheese has cheese and so much more. Yuval and Lisa offer you delightful foods and cheeses from around the world, fresh made […]

The Den of Marbletown

http://www.thedenofmarbletown.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: nan3000@yahoo.com The Den of Marbletown is a teddy bear museum in Kingston, New York. We have a large collection of original Steiff teddy bears on […]

Shawangunk Journal

http://www.gunkjournal.com Accepts 50% Currents Contact: info@gunkjournal.com News of the Rondout and Wallkill Valleys, published every week and online.

Helen Zuman

Accepts 100% Currents for memoir, Mating in Captivity Contact: madgelma@hotmail.com I am an author (Mating in Captivity: A Memoir, She Writes Press 2018), speaker, editor, conversation-holder, skit creator, letter writer, […]


http://www.edenesque.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: eatwell@edenesque.com A socially conscious manufacture of artisanal plant based milks.

Palladium Science Academy

https://www.facebook.com/Palladium-Science-Academy-596367980403075/?fref=ts Accepts Currents Contact: gruger04@yahoo.com The Palladium Science Academy provides entertainment for kids at private home parties or at events such as libraries and summer camps. The kids watch Science […]

Northernlight Saunas

Accepts Currents Contact: Northernlightsaunas@gmail.com Finnish Sauna designer, builder, online and store retailer for over 27 years. Hand crafted saunas for rejuvenation and optimal health.

North River Roasters

http://northriverroasters.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: feza@northriverroasters.com In November 2015 we launched a community supported coffee roasting program to give our members fresh, locally roasted coffee every week.  Modeled after the farm CSA (Community […]


https://www.etsy.com/shop/tabellastore Accepts 100% Currents Contact: tabellastore@gmail.com Unique handmade home goods and restaurant accessories. Fourteen years in the restaurant industry and a lifetime of crafting resulted in the creation of handmade […]

Lifebridge Foundation & Sanctuary

http://lifebridge.org Accepts 25% Currents for Residential and Day Meeting Spaces Contact: lifebridge@earthlink.net The Lifebridge Sanctuary is a 12,000 square foot hand crafted, green facility on 95 acres of forest and spectacular open […]

Made With Love Skin Care by Michele Tomasicchio

http://www.madewithloveskincare.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: mwlskincare@gmail.com I handcraft amazing skincare products from scratch in my production studio in Gardiner, NY. I use my herbal knowledge, crème alchemy, energy healing, and […]

Matthew Gustafson – Musician, Yogi, Philosopher, Handyman

https://www.facebook.com/presentessence Accepts 100% Currents Contact: matthewdavidgustafson@gmail.com I am offering musical performances for currents, complete with some cover songs, original music, and instrumental background jazz that all ears can enjoy. I […]

Ragues Law

http://ragueslaw.com/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: Grace@ragueslaw.com Ragues PLLC Lawyers are experienced in litigating your personal injury claims, protecting your financial interests and enforcing your constitutional rights. Our offices are equipped with […]

Karen Sawdey, Personal Assistant

Accepts 100% Currents I have worked as a personal assistant for the past 14 years organizing and helping in may other ways for busy, working families. I also have varied […]

Joan Horton

Accepts Currents Contact: Faeryfeathers@gmail.com Local writer, videographer, photographer, researcher, Sofia media and fundraising maven. Owner and operator of Ithaca Dyeworks, clothing and fabric manufacturer for 24 years.


http://www.immune-schein.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: info@immune-schein.com ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs is located at 43 Basin Road in West Hurley. We handcraft a variety of ginger elixirs at our location, and also […]


http://Hudsy.TV Accepts Currents Contact: jesse@hudsy.tv Hudsy.TV is a Hudson Valley based video content creation and broadcast company that seeks to highlight the work of the local community.

Dr. Christa Whiteman of Hudson Valley Chiropractic & Wellness

Accepts Currents Contact: drchrista@hvchiropracticandwellness.com A chiropractor and kinesiologist, I also specialize in functional medicine, using diet and smart supplementation to help those with chronic illness such as autoimmune disease, hormone […]

Hudson Valley Thai Massage

http://www.hudsonvalleythaimassage.com Accepts Currents Contact: hudsonvalleythaimassage@gmail.com Hudson Valley Thai Massage provides therapeutic massage, massage instruction, health coaching, private yoga instruction, and more.  Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Integrative Massage are Diana’s […]

Hudson Valley Bee Habitat

http://hvbeehabitat.org Accepts 100% Currents Contact: hvbeehabitat@gmail.com The mission of Hudson Valley Bee Habitat is to utilize our expertise as artists, designers, and mindful educators to pollinate public engagement with bees, […]

Green Guru Network

Accepts Currents Contact: lea@greengurunetwork.com We are what’s Green and Happening in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We help Green businesses find customers and people find Green Jobs, funding for green […]

Carla Rozman – Graphic Designer

https://www.carlarozman.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: carlarozman@gmail.com Carla Rozman is an Artist and Graphic Designer specializing in branding, website design and compelling graphics for marketing and sales. She specializes in problem solving […]


http://HeartMoves.Love Accepts Currents Contact: PaulWiderman@gmail.com Heart® facilitates a mind-body connection through elliptical, orbital, and meditative patterns of movement that can be utilized in a solo practice, with a partner, or […]

Hope for Children with Autism

https://www.facebook.com/HopeForChildrenWithAutism Accepts Currents Contact: hope.c.ny@gmail.com I provide individualized treatment to young children with autism to help them reach their best potential.  I also provide training to their parents to help […]

Happy Horses

Accepts 100% Currents Exercise for your horse when you’re so busy you don’t have the time. Experienced, mature, 1st level dressage rider available to give your horse some TLC and […]

Hudson Valley Stained Glass

http://HVStainedGlass.com Accepts 100% Currents for labor Contact: hope.c.ny@gmail.com Contemporary designs in stained & carved glass and mirror. I approach design as a collaboration with clients to create art glass that […]

Gloria Waslyn

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: gloriawaslyn@gmail.com I facilitate workshops on the interconnectivity of all life.

Family of Woodstock

Accepting 100% Currents for Donations Contact: mberg@fowinc.org Family of Woodstock, Inc. is a network of individuals, paid and volunteer, whose mission is to provide confidential and fully accessible crisis intervention, […]

Envyus Sound & Multimedia

https://www.facebook.com/EnvyusSoundMultimedia/ Accepts 50% Currents (for first consult or event) Contact: envyussound@gmail.com We are a full service Entertainment marketing/promotion & consulting firm. We are bringing in new clients with a 50% […]

Cagan Consulting

Accepts 100% Currents (for first 2 sessions) Contact: david.commonsense@yahoo.com Accepting 100% Currents for the first two sessions–typically one hour long each. I’m hoping this will make it easy for you […]

Denizen Theatre

http://www.denizentheatre.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: sarah@denizentheatre.com DENIZEN Theatre is a non-profit professional live black box theatre organization producing accessible live contemporary theatre plays all year round in a safe, respectful, […]

Common Hands Farm

commonhandscsa.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: commonhandsfarm@gmail.com Common Hands Farm, just outside of Hudson, NY, is dedicated to providing fresh, unique and high quality produce to a wide customer base. It […]

Clove Valley Community Farm

https://www.clovevalleycommunityfarm.com/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: clovevalleycommunityfarm@gmail.com We are a community-powered farm in High Falls, NY getting ready for our 11th season!  We grow vibrant clean food for our CSA, the […]

Satisfy Hunger

https://www.satisfyhunger.org/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: hello@hudsonvalleycurrent.org The Satisfy Hunger Campaign strives to address food insecurity in our communities. Every dish we serve supports our mission to provide delicious meals made […]

Repair Cafe – New Paltz

http://www.repaircafehv.org Accepts 100% Currents for Donations Contact: jwackman@gmail.com WHY WE DO IT • To transform our throw-away economy one beloved item at a time • To reduce how much stuff […]

Vly Brook

http://VlyBrook.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: VlyBrook@gmail.com Rough cut lumber Sawyer services Portable or custom milling Custom Fabrication


http://www.chronogram.com/ Accept 15% Currents Contact: billing@chronogram.com Chronogram is a local magazine featuring arts, culture, and sustainability in the Hudson Valley including in-depth articles, events, food reviews, & local businesses.

Aspiring Writer Syndrome

https://www.aspiringwritersyndrome.com/ Accepts Currents Contact: ben@aspiringwritersyndrome.com Writing instruction, prompts, lessons, and editorial services. Courses & workshops based in Kingston, NY (pre-pandemic), and through Zoom.

Sustainable Hudson Valley

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: info@sustainhv.org Sustainable Hudson Valley is accepting Currents for donations to our ongoing work. We are a Nonprofit, 501c3, working to speed up, scale up, jazz up […]

Backyard to Table

http://Backyardtotable.org Accepts 100% Currents Contact: Ssie@backyardtotable.org Backyard to Table is a group dedicated to teaching others how to grow their own food as well as providing education that emphasizes our […]


https://www.drinkbuchi.com/home Accepts 100% Currents Contact: andreas.schneider@drinkbuchi.com WE MAKE DELICIOUS PROBIOTIC DRINKS THAT FEED YOUR THIRST FOR LIFE Our purpose is to craft delicious, high-quality, nutrient-dense living foods; invest in the regeneration […]

Rose Brennan

Accepts 100% Currents Contact Rosabellafaery@yahoo.com Gardener in Kingston

Dreamkeeper Botanicals

Accepts 50% Currents for Herbal and Health Consultations Contact: ashley.sapir@gmail.com Ashley Sapir Lathrop is an Herbalist and Functional Medicine Health Coach, with a passion for integrative health care and traditional […]

Gordon Davis

Accepts 50% Currents Contact: gordonpdavis1@gmail.com I teach classes on writing, the impact of good and bad credit, and public speaking. I also train individuals to become positive leaders in their […]

Blissful Metamorphic Massage

Accepts 50-100% Currents Contact: Pamazon123@gmail.com I offer basic Relaxing Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Hawaiian Kahuna Style Lomi Lomi massage which can be a powerful rite of passage. Check […]

Half Moon Books

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: halfmoonusedbooks@gmail.com My name is Jessica DuPont. I own Half Moon Books, a used bookstore in Uptown Kingston. Half Moon Books recently expanded to include Hidden Treasures […]

The Art Effect

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: nicole@feelthearteffect.org The Art Effect (formerly Mill Street Loft and Spark Media Project) is committed to being a catalyst for youth empowerment and community engagement through the […]

Seed Song Farm & Center

http://www.seedsongfarm.org Accepts 100% Currents for CSA Shares Contact: info@seedsongfarm.org ABOUT SEED SONG FARM Seed Song Farm produces sustainably-grown vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, and forest products, available through CSA shares (weekly […]

Seasoned Delicious Foods

https://www.seasoneddeliciousfoods.com/ Accepts 50% Currents Contact: tamikad@seasonedelicious.com Seasoned Delicious Foods is a multi-brand food, spice, sauce, and preserve company focused on vegan, non-GMO, healthy, and delicious products. Seasoned Delicious Foods has […]

Sarah Hearn, Homeopath

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: sarah.hearn@gmail.com I am a trained homeopath and complementary health practitioner working with adults, children from birth through adolescence, family groups, and teachers, in their role supporting […]

Renee Rotkopf, Creative Mind Coach

https://www.reneerotkopf.com/ Accepts 100% Currents for Introductory Session Accepts 50% Currents beyond Intro Session Contact: reneero@gmail.com Renee Rotkopf is a creative mind coach and brand expert who helps people through transition. […]

Poison Ivy Patrol

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: john@pipatrol.com We pull out Poison Ivy and other invasives. We dig them out by the roots and take them away. We don’t use chemicals or sprays.

One EPIC Place

Accepts 50% Currents Contact: info@oneepicplace.com One EPIC Place is an affordable, collaborative workspace, providing local businesses a flexible location and supportive community to grow their business or practice, no matter […]

Nowhere Village

https://www.nowherevillage.org/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: AARONKDIAS@GMAIL.COM Nowhere Village is an authentic online meditation community, dedicated to collective healing and awakening. I also teach yoga and meditation, self-care and self-inquiry, creative […]

Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship (GCSEN)

http://www.gcsen.com Accepts 100% Currents for select products Contact: mike@gcsen.com GCSEN is a non-profit Benefit corporation with a mission to accelerate social entrepreneurship via innovative programs and learning technologies for higher […]

Faye Crochet

FayeCrochetShop Accepts 100% Currents Contact: ft7122@bard.edu I create and sell crocheted earrings, plush figures and other crocheted products!


https://ehemphousecorp.com/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: Info@ehemphousecorp.com We are a mobile hemp processing equipment manufacturer to local farmers. Our products such as CBD Hand Sanitizer and CBD Body Wash can be […]

Catskill Fungi

http://Catskillfungi.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: John@catskillfungi.com Catskill Fungi educates around fungi. We host mushroom ID walks and mushroom cultivation workshops and we make and sell mushroom health tinctures.

Wish Media

http://www.wishmedia.us Accepts 100% Currents Contact: lisa@wishmedia.us At Wish Media, values-based organizations, triple-bottom-line companies, as well as B Corporations and others can expect to go beyond achieving their branding and marketing […]

Jean Tansey – Visual Art Works

Accepts 50% Currents Contact: jeantanseyVisualArtWorks@gmail.com The multimedia visual artist Jean Tansey explores social injustice in her art and her everyday life as a social worker. She investigates the human condition […]

The Edge Project

http://theedgeproject.net Accepts 100% Currents Contact: jaredandlala@gmail.com We are a permaculture initiative aiming to push edges of where art, food and culture meet. The Edge Project evolved out of The Long […]

Lenka Bar

https://www.lenkabar.com/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: steve@lenkabar.com Craft granola bars handmade and shipped fresh daily. Our promise to you is to make the most fun and delicious granola bars on the […]

Midtown Lively

Midtown Lively Accepts 100% Currents for Subscriptions and Ad Placements Contact: Connect@hudsonvalleycurrent.org Midtown Lively is a local monthly magazine that is distributed throughout Ulster county. It focuses on the good […]

Tilda’s Kitchen & Market

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: Tildas@hudsonvalleycurrent.org 845.663.2286 Tilda’s Kitchen and Market is located in Kingston and strives to feed the local community by offering delicious, community-inspired menu items, as well as […]

Hudson Valley Current

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: hello@hudsonvalleycurrent.org Hudson Valley Current is a network of locally owned businesses that participate in exchanging our local currency, the Current, in order to keep our economy […]

Sarah Carlson

http://www.growingfilms.com Accepts 20% Currents Contact: sarahacarlson@gmail.com Video and film production company

Nancy Plumer, Energy Healer

http://womenwithwisdom.com Accepts 50% Currents Contact: nplumer@hvi.net Private Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing and Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Healing Workshops, Empowerment and Spiritual Retreats, Yoga and Wellness Retreats, Training in Intergenerational Issues in […]


https://bjornqorn.com/ Accepts 100% Currents Contact: hello@bjornqorn.com THE BEST POPCORN. EVER. We use homegrown non-gmo popcorn and season with all natural, gluten free, and vegan ingredients. Our facility is allergen free. There […]

Lone Pine Road Studio

http://Lonepineroad.com Accepts Currents on a Case-by Case basis Contact: lonepineroadstudio@gmail.com Recording studio / music production / anything audio

Kingston YMCA Farm Project

http://kingstonymcafarmproject.org Accepts 100% Currents Contact: kaycee@kingstonymcafarmproject.org The Kingston YMCA Farm Project is an urban, educational farm located in Midtown Kingston. We focus on growing chemical free food for our community. […]

Retrograss Farm

http://Retrograssfarm.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: info@retrograssfarm.com We are a small diversified farm offering eggs, beef, pork and we have a farmstay short-term rental apartment giving guest the opportunity to interact […]

Joseph Muszynski

Accepts 100% Currents Contact: joemuszynski@gmail.com I am a writer, screenwriter, director, copy editor, teacher, and tutor.  I have 5 years experience tutoring and teaching grades 6-12.  I currently teach and […]

Hudson Valley Vertical Farms

http://hvvf.net Accepts Currents Contact: puffer.biogas@gmail.com Hudson Valley Vertical Farms promotes sustainable agriculture that is organic, easy, family friendly, and economical. Growing food with vertical aeroponics is part of the biodiversity […]

Hone Strategic

http://www.honestrategic.com Accepts 100% Currents Contact: jodonnell@honestrategic.com Hone Strategic LLC specializes in urban planning and historic preservation services at every phase of project development.  As practitioners in urban revitalization and the […]

EssJay Consulting

Accepts 25% Currents (up to $500) Contact: sarahjacob29@gmail.com EssJay Consulting is one person: Sarah Patterson. I have not scaled my business (yet), so my clients get one-on-one partnership and hand-crafted […]

Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Accepts 100% Currents for Intake Session (50% for subsequent sessions) Contact: ellen@ellenfarrell.com DO YOU SEEK BALANCE? Holistic Therapy from Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, LPC; Reiki Master (Reiki since ’87), Psychological […]

Earth Healing Arts

Accepts 50% Currents Contact: marvinawarren@gmail.com Heal the Earth, Heal People, Heal the Relationship Between Them Not just a landscaping business, nor simply a healing arts practice, Earth Healing Arts combines […]

Community Compost Company

http://communitycompostco.com Accepts 100% Currents info@communitycompostco.com Community Compost Company is a women-owned business based in the Hudson Valley of NY and Northern New Jersey. It was founded by Eileen Banyra in […]

Christopher Williams – Sales Coaching

https://www.joinsaleshuddle.com/ Accepts 50% Currents Contact: chris@joinsaleshuddle.com Sales Huddle is a peer-to-peer virtual mastermind group for top professional salespeople to get regular, actionable advice and feedback on specific sales challenges they […]

Cartographic Editorial

https://about.me/MichaelAllenPotter Accepts 100% Currents Contact: mapofnewyork@gmail.com I work one-on-one with clients to navigate writers and small presses from raw manuscript through each of the editorial, formatting, financial, and commercial distribution […]

Blue Barn Productions

Accepts 100% Currents for books http://www.nicolequinnnarrates.blogspot.com/ Contact: nquinn@hvc.rr.com Media content creator; writer, director, producer, narrator

Leslie Hassler Studio

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: Leslie@lesliehassler.com https://www.lesliehassler.com/ Currently: Open With a focus on portraiture, Leslie’s photographs have appeared in magazines worldwide, including Rolling Stone, W Magazine, The N.Y. Times, Vogue, Glamour, New York Magazine, […]

Kingston Candy Bar

319 Wall St Kingston, New York 12401 Accepts 100% Currents https://www.kingstoncandybar.com/ Contact: Kingstoncandybar@yahoo.com Nostalgic sweets and Hudson Valley treats. An old fashioned candy store. Ice cream, homemade treats.

2D3D Design, Inc.

Accepts 50-100% Currents http://www.2d-3ddesign.com/about.php Contact Rosanne@2D-3Ddesign.com Currently: Open Rosanne Percivalle is an artist, designer and business owner who specializes in decor and design work for interior and exterior applications. A […]

South Pine Street City Farm

Address: 27 South Pine Street, Kingston, NY 12401 Accepts 50% Currents Contact: Trish Hawkins at trishhawk3@gmail.com Currently: Open The South Pine Street City Farm is an urban farm located in […]

La Voz Magazine @ Art

Accepts: 100% Contact Email: fiori.mariel@gmail.com https://lavoz.bard.edu/ Currently: Open La Voz, cultura y noticias hispanas del Valle de Hudson (The Voice, Hispanic Culture and News from the Hudson Valley), is an […]

Kingston Midtown Rising

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: hello@kingstonmidtownrising.org http://kingstonmidtownrising.org/index.php/en/ Current: Open Kingston Midtown Rising, Inc. is a neighborhood organization working together to create spaces of beauty and belonging for residents of Midtown […]

KaN Landscape Design, Inc.

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: KaN@Kanlandstudio.com http://www.kanlandstudio.com Currently: Open KaN is a Landscape Design firm committed to the creation of unique, engaging and integrated spaces. With experience ranging public space […]

HorsePlay: Equine Experiential Team Building & Development

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: cori.nichols@aol.com https://www.hudsonvalleyhorseplay.com/ Currently: Open HorsePlay provides experiential learning and growth opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams. By engaging with horses on-the-ground (no riding,) participants […]

Future Fruits

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: https://www.instagram.com/future.fruits/ Currently: Open Future Fruits is a Hudson Valley initiative to activate public space, to grow food for the general public, reconnecting people with place […]

Felisa Sheskin

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: sheskinski@gmail.com Currently: Open Spanish Teacher Felisa has over 15 years teaching from beginner vocabulary to advanced conversation. She has worked with 3 year olds and […]


Address: 200 Esopus Road Kingston, NY 12401 Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: farmstockny@gmail.com https://farmstockfarm.com/ Currently: Open The Farmstock crew are a fiery, passionate Group of Four…Outlanders from NYC who started […]

Site Optimized

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: dmotel@siteoptimized.com http://siteoptimized.com/ Currently: Open As Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Site Optimized, Doug provides cutting-edge marketing strategies to help companies widen their reach via social […]

Democracy Coffee

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: democracycoffee@gmail.com https://democracycoffee.com/ Currently: Open We are a non for profit organization working on passing Campaign Finance Reform. Democracy Coffee / Peoples Empowerment Project The People’s […]

Creekside Acupuncture & Natural Medicine

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: creeksideacupuncture@gmail.com http://www.creeksideacupuncture.com Currently: Open Creekside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine is owned and operated by Stephanie Ellis, licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and herbalist. The office is located […]

Circle Creative Collective

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: info@circlecreativecollective.org https://www.circlecreativecollective.org/ Currently: Open Circle Creative Collective is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization growing and creating in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, NY. Circle Creative Collective […]

Beccatron Studios

Accepts: 100% of Currents Contact Email: rebecca@beccatron.com http://beccatron.com/ Currently: Open Beccatron Studios is a multimedia creative studio with an emphasis on web design and persuasive visual storytelling. They work across […]

Barnhouse Creative Consulting

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: BarnhouseCC@gmail.com Currently: Open Cynthia offers creative consulting services for individuals, groups, schools, camps, organizations and business. She can design a project, craft or activity, based […]

Anahata Yoga and Healing Arts

Address: 35 N Front St 2nd floor, Kingston, NY 12401 Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: Theresa@anahatakingston.com http://Www.anahatakingston.com Currently: Open Anahata Yoga is a yoga and Healing Arts space offering a […]

Allison Braun

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: allison.braun@me.com https://allisonbraun.wixsite.com/info Currently: Open Allison’s Skill’s Include: Computer: Design, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Microsoft Office & Excel, Photo manipulation, Social networking Art: Fine Arts, Painting, Colorist, Art restoration, Printmaking, […]

Balanced Consulting

Accepts: 25% – 50% Currents Contact Email: susan@balancedconsulting.net http://www.balancedconsulting.net/ Currently: Open You do not need to fear your finances. You are allowed to feel successful and wealthy. Susan can help […]

Kingston Food Co-op

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: kingstonfoodcoop@gmail.com https://www.kingstonfoodcoop.com/ The Kingston Food Co-op will be a community-owned grocery store in midtown Kingston. With over 9,000 feet, we will be a full service […]

Gold Hope Duo

Accepts: 25% – 100% on a case by case basis Contact Email: GOLDHOPEDUO@GMAIL.COM https://www.thegoldhopeduo.com/ Currently: Open The Gold Hope Duo is made up of local Musician/Artists, Lara Hope and Matt […]

Studio Seven Graphic Design

https://studioseven.info/ Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: sarah@studioseven.info Currently: Open Studio Seven is a full service graphic design studio in uptown Kingston, catering to creative individuals & small business owners.

Anneliese Mordhorst: Pilates & Somatic Movement Therapy

Pilates, Fitness and Somatic Movement Therapy inNew Paltz, NY and the Greater Hudson Valley Accepts 50% Currents Contact Email: hello@anneliesemordhorst.com https://www.anneliesemordhorst.com/ Currently: Open Feel good in your body again. Life […]

Kingston B2B

Accepts: 50% Currents Contact Email: matthewfass@gmail.com https://kingston-b2b.business.site/ Currently: Open Kingston B2B offers a full range of services to small, medium and large business in the Hudson Valley. We can help […]

Coyote Kitchen Workshops

Accepts 50% Currents Contact Email: coyotekitchenworkshops@gmail.com https://coyotekitchenworkshops.com/ Currently: Open Due to current events, I will be opening a cache of useful information regarding “Eating Well for Cheap” on my site. […]

Sunrise Path for Holistic Health

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email:  jrohrvall@aol.com http://www.members.tripod.com/JOYCEOHRVALL/reiki.htm Currently: Open Joy Ohrvall is the founder & director of Sunrise Path Holistic Health Center. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, O.L Healing Touch […]

Wise Property Care

Accepts: 100% Currents Contact Email: countrywisdomcare@gmail.com Currently: Open Wise Property Care, formerly Country Wisdom Caretaking, started in 2006 by Chris Hewitt, offers gardening, landscaping, housekeeping, carpentry and more. Send us […]

Root & Resin

Accepts: 50% Currents Contact Email: RootandResin@gmail.com http://rootandresin.com Currently: Open Camellia Lee, a native New Yorker, and a recent full time resident of Woodstock, New York, has been a Licensed Massage […]

Law Offices of Dana Rudikoff, Esq

369 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 12401 Accepts: 50% Currents (845) 331-4520 dana_rudikoff@yahoo.com Currently: Open Law practice with a focus on: Mediation, separation agreements and uncontested divorces Residential real estate Wills […]

Madeleine Grace Jayson

https://madeleinegracemusic.com/ Accepts: 100% Currents Contact: Mg.jayson@gmail.com Madeleine is a sound healer, providing nourishing immersive sound experiences to generate a frequency of wholeness within the body and energy field. She is […]

Double Diamond Tree Care

Accepts: 25% – 50% on a case by case basis Contact Email: dennis@doublediamondtreecare.com http://www.doublediamondtreecare.com/ Currently: Open Tree care: pruning, take downs, removals. Outside construction: drainage, foundations, waterproofing.

Brian Nieves

Accepts: 50% Currents briancnieves@gmail.com http://briancnieves.com/ Currently: Open I am a Portrait and Event photographer specializing in Corporate Events and Executive portraits. I also shoot celebrations, engagements, and weddings.

Nostrand Productions

Accepts 100% Currents (845) 532-3403 https://nostrandproductions.com/ Currently: Open Nostrand Productions is an award-winning digital film and video production company based out of Kingston, New York. Nestled upstate within New York’s […]

Freer Therapeutics

New Paltz, NY Accepts: 50% Currents (845) 481-3950  Contact Email: Grant.A.Freer@gmail.com https://freertherapeutics.massagetherapy.com/ Currently: Open Freer Therapeutics is the private practice of Grant Freer, LMT. Ms/Ac. Grant is a Licensed Massage […]

A Subtle Web

Accepts: 50%-100% Currents on a case by case basis Contact Email: web@asubtleweb.com A Subtle Web is your local creative partner in websites, design and brand management. We specialize in elegant, […]

Chloe Art & Design

Accepts: 50%-100% Currents on a case by case basis (845) 626-1304 https://www.chloeartdesign.com/index.html Currently: Open Chloe Art and Design is a graphic design company specializing in high-quality, cost-effective design services. Founded by […]

Blue-Byrd Haberdashery

320 Wall Street, Kingston, NY 12401 Accepts 100% Currents for In-Store Purchases (845) 339-3174 https://bluebyrds.com/ Currently: Open The best shop around for extensive blues music and classy headwear, it is […]

Women with Wisdom

Accepts 50% Currents nplumer@hvi.net http://womenwithwisdom.com Private Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing and Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Healing Workshops, Empowerment and Spiritual Retreats, Yoga and Wellness Retreats, Training in Intergenerational Issues in the […]

Horses For a Change

Esopus, New York Accepts 100% Currents (845) 384-6424 https://horsesforachange.org/ Currently: Open Whether you’re looking for yourself or your child, just starting out or are an experienced rider looking to hone […]

Jeremy Bold

Brooklyn, NY Accept 100% Currents jezzbold@protonmail.com Currently: Open Jeremy is available for childcare, helping you tidy up and get organized, and creating audio recordings. Childcare: I’ll work with you and […]

Douglas Nelson – Artist & Painter

http://douglasgnelson.com/ Accept 100% Currents Contact: dgn226@gmail.com Artist & Painter. Focus includes soul portraits and alien landscapes.

Concentrated Consciousness

Kerhonkson, NY Accept 50% Currents http://www.mind-bombs.com Currently: Open Roman is a Writer, Poet, Deep Thinker & Essential Oil Wizard Committed to evolving conversations, expanding consciousness & closing the gap between varying […]

Herb Farm

Hillsdale, NY Accept 100% Currents serafinajp@netzero.net Currently: Open Offering a variety of herbs, Sarah’s herb garden is fresh and local in Columbia County.

Further Fitness

https://www.furtherfitness.com/ Accepts 50% Currents Contact: (845) 802-3463 Due to COVID, our offerings have shifted a bit. Further Fitness now offers: in-person one-on-one training sessions in our private gym located in […]

Hawthorne Valley Farm Store

327 County Route 21c, Ghent, NY 12075 Accept 100% Currents (518) 672-7500 http://outdatedcafe.com Currently: Open Hawthorne Valley Association (HVA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization promoting social and cultural renewal through […]

Outdated Cafe

314 Wall St. Kingston, NY 12401 Accept 100% Currents (845) 331-0030 http://outdatedcafe.com Currently: Open A unique experience in Upstate New York. Celebrate great food & design in our large open […]