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Cagan Consulting

Accepts 100% Currents (for first 2 sessions)

Contact: david.commonsense@yahoo.com

Accepting 100% Currents for the first two sessions–typically one hour long each. I’m hoping this will make it easy for you to give a business consultant a try so that you can assess whether it gives you value. In my experience there are always certain aspects of a business that need outside help, to talk through issues and receive new perspectives.

I have twenty-five years of business experience, including managing a small book store and the COO of a very successful 25 employee eCommerce mail order company. I have been part of numerous start ups and I have many years in both the for profit and non-profit sectors. I can help you get a handle on the part of your business that seems to be out of control.

Business Consulting ~ Bookkeeping ~ AR ~ AP ~ HR ~ Cash Flow
Operations ~ Finances ~ Administration ~ Strategic Vision ~ Growth

David Cagan
Cagan Consulting