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Community Compost Company


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Community Compost Company is a women-owned business based in the Hudson Valley of NY and Northern New Jersey. It was founded by Eileen Banyra in 2013 to lead the change on food waste, climate change and soil health through regional composting. We apply a systems approach to these issues and are advancing solutions through our services and educational outreach. Valuing local economies and community-based action, we embrace practices that advance the 4 P’s: Planet, People, Place and Profit. We are committed to producing a quality, regenerative compost to support the region’s health.

We collect food scraps formerly slated for the landfill and produce compost. Servicing residents, businesses and institutions, we provide an opportunity to ecologically dispose of these materials, while educating on the importance of food waste reduction. We partner with farms and compost facilities in the Hudson Valley to process the food scraps into compost. Compost is a valuable amendment that restores soil by building health and structure to improve water retention and plant vitality.

In 2016 we established Hudson Soil Co., our soil products division, through which we sell our finished compost in bags and bulk to garden centers, home gardeners and landscaping companies.