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Dreamkeeper Botanicals

Accepts 50% Currents for Herbal and Health Consultations

Contact: ashley.sapir@gmail.com

Ashley Sapir Lathrop is an Herbalist and Functional Medicine Health Coach, with a passion for integrative health care and traditional medicine. She is the proprietor of Dreamkeeper Botanicals, a local business offering classes, herbal remedies, health care consultations and coaching sessions. Ashley is passionate about making affordable, holistic health care available to all. She cares for her family with herbs, teaches her children the language of the plants, and enjoys seeing clients who seek traditional and nourishing approaches to living a vibrantly healthy life. Ashley co-ran Wild Wind Herbal CSA for two years and loved making herbal remedies from seed to bottle for the community and beyond. These days her medicine making is more customized, creating individualized formulations and wellness packages for her clients. She is completely inspired by the community of herbalists, healers, farmers and plant lovers that live here in the Hudson Valley.