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Earth Healing Arts


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Heal the Earth, Heal People, Heal the Relationship Between Them

Not just a landscaping business, nor simply a healing arts practice, Earth Healing Arts combines Marvin Warren’s 15 years of experience each in therapeutic massage, botanical medicine, and ecological design – permaculture, for those who prefer that word – into a comprehensive practice for restoring health and balance, from the personal scale to the ecological.

In practical terms, that means restoring lost range of motion due to an injury, managing a chronic illness or finding more health with diet, lifestyle, and plant medicine, helping you grow your own food and medicine in a way that fits your life; and also large-scale landscaping projects that enable you to better interact with your immediate environment, whether it’s managing nonnative species, planting native pollinator habitat, renovating an old orchard, installing a food forest, managing and making the best use of rainwater, or designing your sustainable homestead together.