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Ellen Farrell Holistic Therapy

Accepts 100% Currents for Intake Session (50% for subsequent sessions)

Contact: ellen@ellenfarrell.com


Holistic Therapy from Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, LPC; Reiki Master (Reiki since ’87), Psychological Intuitive, & Energy Medicine-Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP). Heal past pain–get to the root of what matters with Ellen, a seer of your Spirit/Soul, past lives, & guides, she discovered a bridge to all energy systems. Learn more in this brief video: Core Star Matrix Video – https://www.ellenfarrell.com/work/core-star-matrix-healing/

Also, for even the most empathic sensitive, begin to feel safe in your body… From Ellen… I “see” your Chakra Soul Stories, & energy status. I love helping you back to your Core of truth: pure peace, love, wisdom & joy… read more…

Do you have a question? Let’s discuss! My goal is to help you fulfill your potential, gain insight, clarity & focus, so you can have a more gentle, vibrant & joyful life. My job is helping you know true wellness. Call, or email ellen@ellenfarrell.com and sign up for my FREE Energy Tools: https://www.ellenfarrell.com/sign-up/