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EssJay Consulting


Accepts 25% Currents (up to $500)

Contact: sarahjacob29@gmail.com

EssJay Consulting is one person: Sarah Patterson. I have not scaled my business (yet), so my clients get one-on-one partnership and hand-crafted financial analysis. 

I partner with business owners in the Hudson Valley as your guru of Finance: strategy, planning, and analysis. I offer financial leadership so you can focus on developing and running your business, and have peace of mind knowing that the financial bases are covered.

I bring clarity to the financial situation. How profitable are you? How has your profitability trended over time? What are your main revenue and cost drivers? We come up with metrics that quantify the success of the business, and then we track them against your goals.

I’m your financial sounding board. You have to make a thousand decisions every day–now you’ll know the financial implications of the big ones. My mission is to help Hudson Valley businesses thrive.