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HorsePlay: Equine Experiential Team Building & Development

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HorsePlay provides experiential learning and growth opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams. By engaging with horses on-the-ground (no riding,) participants gain an expanded awareness of their behaviors, beliefs, communication styles and patterns – and how those affect self and others. The environment is safe, both emotionally and physically. The setting provides for a playful, refreshing, outdoor experience. Our expert facilitators are Eagala certified and experienced with both people and horses.

HorsePlay activities are highly successful for the following:

Company and Group Team-Building • Client and Customer Relations • Mindfulness and Stress Relief • Creative Problem Solving • Assertiveness Coaching for Kids (and adults) • Confidence Building • Leadership Skills * Behavior Regulation * Substance Prevention * Empathy • Grief Counseling • Parenting Skills • Treatment of Trauma and PTSD

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Services provided year-round.