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Made With Love Skin Care by Michele Tomasicchio


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Contact: mwlskincare@gmail.com

I handcraft amazing skincare products from scratch in my production studio in Gardiner, NY. I use my herbal knowledge, crème alchemy, energy healing, and inquisitive nature for all things clean and healthy for the planet and humans to create formulations that nurture your skin on a new level.

I use local beeswax, high-performance botanicals, herbal-infused oils made in-house, essential oils and green preservatives.

No petroleum, no soy oil, no gluten, no fake fragrance oils, no parabens, no pre-made mixes, no crap!

You care about the health of your family, friends, and planet. You care about what food you put into your body. You also need to care about what you put on your body.

Made With Love Natural Skin Care is your natural choice for caring for your skin, naturally.