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Renee Rotkopf, Creative Mind Coach


Accepts 100% Currents for Introductory Session

Accepts 50% Currents beyond Intro Session

Contact: reneero@gmail.com

Renee Rotkopf is a creative mind coach and brand expert who helps people through transition. She is a healer, who uses hypnosis, guided meditation, N.L.P., and other mind-body strategies to cope with anxiety and change. She also empowers people by helping them create positive mind-sets for successful outcomes.

With years of experience as a creative director in advertising, Renee uses her creative and strategic approach to help clients discover their soul’s purpose. She inspires them to get clearer on their intention and vision for the future, so they can brand themselves or their business from their heart.

Renee provides creative mind coaching, brand coaching, and also design services.