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Victoria Alexander, Home-school Consultant


Accepts 100% Currents

Contact: alexander@dactyl.org

I have eight years experience home-schooling my son, who has now successfully applied to college for Engineering. Based on my experiences, I can help you make an Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) according to New York state regulations. Working with you and your child, I will create a custom curriculum that can be adapted to your changing needs. Every week I will meet online with you and/or your child for an hour to update the instruction plan and to pick new assignments. Be advised that my consulting services do not include tutoring your child. Instead I will help your child learn to teach him/herself.

Home-schooling your child may seem like a daunting task, but I will show you how easy and rewarding it can be for you and your child. You may only need my services for the first year to get you started.

I will help you prepare your quarterly reports for the school district and maintain an “official” school transcript. If needed, I will write a recommendation letter for your child’s college applications, acting as your child’s counselor.

I use an interdisciplinary approach for most subjects. For example, reading/writing skills will be developed while working on literature, science and social studies. Science skills will be developed studying the history and philosophy of science. Chemistry can be touched on during art lessons, etc. Classic texts, lectures, original writing by experts and hands-on experimentation will be preferred to a traditional curriculum, textbooks or summaries. For math, I recommend the free courses offered on Khan Academy online. The overall aim of the IHIP will be to expose your child to a world that is complex and fascinating, to stimulate curiosity and to help him/her develop independent research skills and methods of self-evaluation.

Samples of my son’s quarterly reports are available upon request to give you an idea of what your school schedule might look like.

I am a philosopher of science and a literary fiction novelist. I have a PhD in English Literature and did two-years of doctoral research in complex systems science at the Santa Fe Institute. I also have a Master’s in English/English Language Arts for junior and senior high school students. I interned as a junior high school teacher for one year, but decided to teach at the college level instead. I taught essay writing at Hunter College, the College of Staten Island and Marist College in New York for three years before becoming a professional author and researcher. Very recently I taught a Master’s level course in philosophy of science at a top university in Russia. Here is my website with more information about my professional work and publishing history: vnalexander.com

I charge a consulting fee of $3000 per school year for one child, and $1000 per each additional child in the family. 100% (or any percentage) of Hudson Valley Currents will be accepted. I will work with only one family per year so that I can give you adequate attention.