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Our Current Conversation: Today at 5

June 9, 2020

Hope you’re safe and well. These times are full of possibility…I just hope we can all stay the course and achieve real change, get this country to live up to its ideals of liberty and justice for all of us.

We at the HV Current are very aware of the fact that racial and economic justice are not the same thing. But they’d certainly go well together, yes? It might even be said that we can’t have one without the other.

Economic justice happens to be an area that I enjoy thinking about. So alongside the crucially important Black Lives Matter conversation, I’m striving to keep the economic justice conversation moving forward.

As a Current member you are a vital part of that process and you’re already helping! But I’m hoping you’ll join me this afternoon at 5pm, and the rest of the week at 5, for a webinar conversation on money systems, how they work, how they fail, and how to make them serve us rather than the other way around. My colleague Keyvious Avery and I will be joined by some very intriguing guests.

Today (Tuesday) we’ll talk with the owner of Seasoned Delicious, Tamika Dunkley, about “The Evolution of Currency,” from salt and seashells to cryptocurrency. Wednesday, we’ll cover “Dollars and Inequality,” with Shaniqua Bowden from the Kingston Land Trust, delving into usury, compound interest, redlining, and the creation of the Federal Reserve. Thursday’s discussion of Universal Basic Income with Assemblyman Ron Kim and HVC board president David McCarthy will examine aspects of human-centered capital. And on Friday, the week will wrap up with Bard College economics professor Dr. Leanne Ussher for an in-depth look at the Current Community Protection Plan being rolled out on July 1 and how it can be used to create local abundance.

We have plenty on our plates, that’s for sure. My piece of it seems to center on building that bigger table where everyone eats. I hope you’ll join our conversation, 5pm on the HVC Facebook page or Hudson Valley Current Youtube Channel, and help us grow the common store of wisdom and prosperity.