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Pollinator Stipend

What is the Pollinator Stipend?

The Hudson Valley Current has launched its very first Guaranteed Income project, based on our commitment to the Kingston community.

There will be 15k~ pumped into Midtown Kingston over the course of six months, distributed into the hands of ten community members who have committed to pollinate the Current.

Having been committee selected and board approved, these committed Midtown Members will receive these Currents to tune of 250~ a month for six months, in an effort to amplify the circulation of the Current and help to onboard more small businesses into the Current community.

In exchange for this stipend, Pollinators support the Current by meeting a host of different criteria, including ongoing engagement with local business owners, the facilitation of a customized workshop, and the commitment to circulate their stipend into the economy each month, to name a few!

Along with this criteria they are asked to meet, the Pollinators enjoy myriad incentives for optimal engagement and participation in the Current economy.

What are the Program Goals?

  • Encourage overall network activity in Current economy
  • Put significant amount of Currents into circulation without corresponding debt
  • “Prime the pump!” to stimulate the growth of the Current economy
  • Establish Broadway as a model for Current exchange and circulation
  • Streamline onboarding process for small businesses to exchange with Currents

Why use the Current?

Shifts the Narrative

While we have all been raised in a culture that uses dollars as the primary tool of exchange, many of us have not asked ourselves the question: “What is money?”. The Current strives to shift the narrative around our relationship with capital– in its many forms.


When you exchange Currents, you ensure that our money circulates in our community. Currents cannot be spent outside of the Hudson Valley, so our wealth remains in the hands of local businesses and individuals. This supports and uplifts our neighbors, while creating a resilient local economy.


We can confidently say that all of our Current members are incredibly courageous and innovative. In order to shift our perception of money and embrace the ancient concept of community currency, we need to be creative, bold trailblazers.

Saves Money

A small business can have a tight profit margin, which means credit card fees can be unaffordable. Unlike traditional payment systems, the Current has no interest fees or credit card fees. That’s right: 0% interest and zero credit card transaction fees!

How can I become a Pollinator?

Interested in becoming a Pollinator?

  • Our next Pollinator Stipend Program will launch sometime in 2024, and we’re looking for our next round of Pollinators!
  • Fill out our application form, and let us know why you think you’d be a good Pollinator of the Hudson Valley Current!

Pollinator Application Form

Pollinator Application Form