A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

We Came Through!

May 12, 2020

Hope you’re thriving and content.

It’s been a lovely week. Good news! We participated in the well-planned opening day of the Kingston Farmers Market on Saturday and things went beautifully. If you’re tired of supermarkets, c’mon by. We’ll always have a tasty pay-what-you-can option and we’d really love to see you.

So that’s one thing making me happy. Beyond that, I’m sitting here just blown away by your generosity and the kindness of Current members. My heart is full of joy, and the stomachs of some of the neediest will be filled thanks to your kindness.

Last week, we offered a menu of ways you could Pay Forward your Currents to help feed our neighbors with delicious, nutritious food on Giving Tuesday.

Before that appeal, we’d had 30 pay-it-forward meals purchased through the Tilda’s Kitchen & Market (customers are always offered the opportunity at checkout). On Giving Tuesday, you helped us double that number. We had 39 pay-it-forward meals, two Brunch Boxes (bagels with delicious toppings and a dozen eggs), two Care Package dinner boxes (dinner for four for three nights), and three 50 Current gift cards for the Market. All paid for in Currents.

Some of you were doing this even before Giving Tuesday. Part of the great joy of having a community currency is that it can make generosity convenient, easy, and natural. Giving is a built-in feature—both in our system and in your wonderful hearts.

In homage to your beautiful generosity, we’ve decided every Tuesday should be special. From here on, if you’re ordering on Tuesday, you can pay a meal forward and feed a hungry neighbor for just 10 Currents instead of 13.

We will be distributing the meals and the meal boxes at the Kingston Farmers Market each weekend. So if you know someone who can use a meal or a box full of food, let us know.