We believe there’s more than enough wealth to go around… and we’re here to prove it.

We’ve all heard the story before. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. The cost of living is going up. One month your revenue is through the roof. The next, you’re scrambling to make rent.

  • Maybe you want to grow your business, but you lack the capacity.
  • Maybe you want to invest in your community, but you’re not sure your cash flow will allow.
  • Maybe you’re just tired of being locked into an economy that only allows a lucky few to truly thrive.

Whatever your story is, we hear you—but we don’t think this is how it has to be.

The Hudson Valley Current is a nonprofit, economic development organization dedicated to challenging the scarcity myth. We seek abundance for all—our community, our businesses, and our families.

That’s why we developed a community currency called the Current—a means to share each business or individual’s skills and resources within the community.

Local currencies mean richer communities.

You probably already know how supporting an independent business keeps more money in your economy compared to shopping at national chains.

This multiplier effect is magnified with a local currency!

  1. You earn Currents by offering your services or selling inventory (often surplus).
  2. You spend your Currents at one of hundreds of participating local businesses.
  3. 100% of this income stays in the region, and is used to support more local businesses.
  4. Other business owners gain more income to reinvest in their companies (using local talent).
  5. Everybody wins! Your business and your local economy grow.

Our Vision

We seek to create a thriving, stable economy in the Hudson Valley based on an abundance mindset—that is, one where instead of hoarding resources, people understand that the more you share, the wealthier everyone becomes.

We build this every day by...

  • Redefining the financial limitations that cause us to tell ourselves we can’t go on vacation, remodel our office, or reward ourselves and our staff.
  • Creating a simple means for businesses and individuals of like minds and values to interact in mutually beneficial ways.
  • Building an ecosystem of skill and awareness where we leverage each other's strengths to maximum advantage.
  • Encouraging businesses and individuals to contribute to nonprofits by giving them an alternative means of compensation and paying it forward.

Does this sound like you? Click the button below to see how you can use the Current to help us bring this vision to life!