A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

About the Current

What is a Current? 

The Current is a complementary currency that can be used only with participating businesses in the mid-Hudson Valley. The Current economy is based on the tangible goods and services of our members. It is YOU, the member, that controls the amount of Currents earned and spent, not a bank or reserve anywhere.  

Currents are recognized by the IRS as a “trade dollar” and are taxable just like a US dollar.

Local. Currencies. Strengthen. Communities. Watch this TedTalk to learn more:

Do Currents take the place of USD? 

Absolutely not. We understand that there are essential bills that you need to pay in US dollars. That is why the Current is meant to supplement and work alongside the our national currency. 

Imagine using your Currents on “date night” with your sweetheart and saving those USD’s to pay off more of your mortgage. Or instead you could use your Currents to buy groceries at Tilda’s Kitchen & Market and save those USD’s towards the new car you are eyeing.

In essence, you can save your USD’s and spend your Currents on the things YOU choose.  

The dollar travels far and wide and enriches everyone else. Meanwhile the Current travels only within the Hudson Valley and enriches our community, our main streets and our neighbors.