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April 14, 2020

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy.

We’ve always known the Hudson Valley was full of caring, ingenious people. Watching people coming together to feed one another, sew face masks, and share their wisdom on how we move through this period of time with grace and generosity is downright awe-inspiring.

Let’s take this opportunity, with so many of the usual systems and activities on hold, to see what we can build amongst ourselves. At the Current, as I’ve said, we are offering members UBI in the form of a 300 Current credit line; we’ve opened up the Tilda’s Kitchen & Market  and put our health-department-certified mobile kitchen and full-time chef at the service of the effort to keep everyone fed.

Meanwhile, lots of other neighbors are doing wonderful work to keep us all together in spirit while we’re keeping social distance. I wanted to share a couple of resources that are great sources of up-to-the-minute information, warmth, and resources for getting maximum rejuvenation value out of this situation:

Hudson Valley In It Together, organized by the publishers of VisitVortex Magazine.

The Hudson Valley Mutual Aid Network is developing hyperlocal neighborhood “pods” of groups and individuals so that people can help each other out, both on and off line.

We’re Still Open HV is a directory of local brick-and-mortar businesses that are still serving the public, online or via pickup or delivery. It’s free to list your business, and you can find a lot here to make staying in a better experience.

When you’re patronizing a local business, it never hurts to ask whether they take Currents and tell them you love supporting businesses that do. Growing our network means growing sustainable local wealth, which is exactly what we need, now and always.

Don’t forget, you own the Current. We’re going to keep moving forward with community initiatives for safety and stability, and your membership is a huge help. Thank you!