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Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

Nourishment is all around us

April 28, 2020

How’s the pandemic in your world today? This new, multifaceted reality is evolving quickly before our eyes. We hope you’re safe and well, staying connected to your circles, and finding ways to enjoy life.

It has become clear that no one—no matter their job description or good intentions—has all the answers in this situation. So many questions about the virus itself are still being investigated, and our questions about the economy continue to build up.

The valiant efforts of researchers, good neighbors, and front line workers of all descriptions are shining bright, and mutual aid networks are springing up in unprecedented numbers. The situation on the ground varies widely from place to place—which means local is more important than ever.

Here we are in the Hudson Valley, a place where we’ve been trending smart and green for a couple of decades now and where we’ve got powerful community networks that are helping us pull through.

No one needs to go hungry, regardless of their financial situation. In its first month, Ulster County’s Project Resilience has fed over 50,000 meals to over 7,000 households, helping 125 of our local restaurants stay afloat. If you need information for your town, here’s a link that leads to many useful maps: emergency food resources, shopping hours for vulnerable people, and farms and farm markets. On the east bank, help with food and other issues is available through Dutchess Responds.

With robust local growers and volunteer energy, we need never let anyone go hungry here. Ever. As a founder of Satisfy Hunger, I’ve had this fact top of mind before this crisis arose. Our goal is to continue to work with our community partners now and into the future to address food justice.

The level of cooperation that’s been achieved around food can be achieved in a number of other important areas too; it’s time to localize all of our production. Our local currency is a key to helping that happen. As a Current member, you’re already part of the solution.

The more you use Currents and spread the word about these programs—from the Tilda’s Kitchen & Market to Satisfy Hunger and Lines of Trust—the stronger we are, and the more vibrant our local economy will be, no matter what’s coming next.

Thank you so much for joining us as we attract ever greater abundance.