A Local Currency for
Exchanging & Sharing Abundance

There is Plenty …

April 21,2020

I hope you’re safe and well and finding ways to get what you need. I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for being a Current member with the vision to help us build local abundance and strong supply chains that will help us pull through this or any crisis.

This is a really good time to be building something that belongs to us and is not dependent on the national currency. Money made by local trade stays in the local economy and increases the multiplier effect of trading with our neighbors. It’s not impacted by the Dow Jones or the Fed, and the more we use it, the more Currents are generated and the more useful they become.

I’ll be sharing a lot more news in the coming weeks about the new partnerships that are emerging to help Currents flow. It’s never been clearer to a lot of people that money is just a way of keeping track of things, not a mysterious force of nature—and by building our own complementary community medium of exchange, we liberate ourselves from the false scarcity model that’s been imposed from above. We sidestep it.

There is enough food for all of us. There is plenty of work to be done. There is a bottomless, gushing geyser of creativity and cooperation all around us—within us and all around us. Currents give us a way to capture all that and move it to where it’s most needed. This has never been more important.

Here’s hoping that science forges ahead and finds solutions to the problems that are keeping us physically separated. I miss seeing you folks! But I’m grateful that we have ways of staying connected, and excited about the Current’s role in helping build us a resilient Hudson Valley.

Don’t forget, besides shopping at the Tilda’s Kitchen & Market, you can sell your art, crafts, services, or products on the market to other members. And don’t forget, you’ve got a Line of Trust with us if there’s something you need.