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An Apology Is In Order

July 7, 2020 Summer is officially here as we approach Independence Day, and we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who demand justice, transparency, and accountability. Today I’m […]

The Current’s Makeover

June 24, 2020 We have some exciting news for you. The team at HVC has been working diligently to create a freshly updated and more user-friendly Hudson Valley Current app […]

Place Your Ad Here

June 16, 2020 I hope this note finds you well and thriving.   As we move through the phases of gradually reopening society and reengaging our communities, many small businesses and […]

Our Current Conversation: Today at 5

June 9, 2020 Hope you’re safe and well. These times are full of possibility…I just hope we can all stay the course and achieve real change, get this country to […]

Money Webinars: It’s Time to Talk

 June 4, 2020 In these times of unrest, which we view as a Great Awakening, the Hudson Valley Current would like to reaffirm our commitment to promoting social and economic […]

A whole new stream of Currents

May 19, 2020 Hope you’re well and content. I wanted to let you know about our latest innovation. Current employers are now paying employees in Currents, through a simple system that makes […]

Let us entertain you …

May 7, 2020 I hope your corner of the world is peaceful, pleasant and healthy today. I wanted to let you know that the May issue of Livelihood Magazine is […]

Happy Giving Tuesday!

May 5, 2020 Hope you’re safe and well and staying amused and amazed. Giving Tuesday is a favorite holiday in our house. Ever since Nicole and I met when we […]